Dear Soul-Centered Mama,

♥ Are you ‘stuck’ in a part of your life right now or your biz and you’d love a breakthrough?

♥ Do you have old patterns that you are READY to bravely and compassionately breakthrough & transform?

♥ Did you love women’s gatherings and retreats in another life-chapter but now your life is full with kids and/or a career? Life doesn’t allow you to get away anymore but you still long for the sisterhood, sacred space, and magic. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a way of tapping into the weave of energy from home?

♥ Are you wanting the freedom that comes from finally shifting the self-limiting story of “not being good enough”? Or any other stories running your life subconsciously and holding you back from manifesting a life you want to live!

♥ Do you yearn for a consistent women’s circles but find it hard to leave your kids?

♥ Are you wanting to find out how to apply Law of attraction in your life? Creating your life by design not be default!

♥ Are you searching for tools to transform your life?

Are you ready to→

♥ Become more authentically you.
♥ Bring your power back to yourself through emotional healing technique
♥ Tap into yourself and alchemise blocks that are holding back
♥ Consciously create an empowered life of purpose
​♥ Invite the magic of unlocking the energy of your chakras
♥ Access your intuition and know your divine truth.
♥ Connect with your higher self and be/do/have what you want- connecting to the abundance of the universe
♥ Connect to your inner self and then act on inspire action to create a life you love!

I am currently offering one on one sessions for 6 weeks. Where we will focus on a goal that you are wanting to manifest in your life and then work on ALL the paradigms, subconscious blocks/beliefs, that are in the way of it happening FOR YOU!

A goal you may want to work on is→

♥ Mama’s guilt ♥ Weigh loss ♥ Better family life ♥ Finding your life’s vision ♥ Anxiety

♥ Pain in your body ♥ Attracting your soul mate ♥ Finding you intuition and authenticity

♥ Bringing a business idea into reality ♥ or if you just want to  live A MORE FULFILLING LIFE!

Please apply below to work with me below. You can see all my testimonials here.

I am committed to your success so before I take your investment I want to make sure we are a great fit to work together and make magic happen!! A 100% client success rate is extremely important to me, so while other coaching programs allow anyone to purchase without getting to know them first, I am entirely committed to actually helping you achieve your goals during this program. This is NOT just another thing for you to buy and not use- we work TOGETHER on accomplishing YOUR GOALS & DREAMS! XX

Love Priscilla xoxoxox

Book a FREE 30min; Blast Through Limitations in your life & Biz, To Create Freedom For You & Your Family

Yes I am ready!

“Priscilla is bar none one of the best EFT healers and life/business transformational coaches I’ve met. Her compassion, and ability to dig deep down, identify where you’re stuck and empower you with tools to get clear, so you can finally experience peace in your household, and money in your bank account are nothing short of amazing. If you get the opportunity to work with Cilla, I’d recommend you dive in as soon as you can!”

Diane Boerstler

Mama of 4