I have had a shocking week with A LOT of core beliefs coming to the surface that I needed to release. One of them was “I am not worthy” What a shock, when I realised I started crying- I saw images of different times of my life where I’ve taken that into my belief system and made it a truth. I made sure I felt this core belief through my whole body, but made a clear intention to the universe I was ready to release it and alchemise it! I also started tapping on it too (Emotional Freedom technique).

Then yesterday I was still feeling very emotional. We had a park meet planned with some other homeschooling friends we hadn’t seen in a while and everyone was really excited. I woke up and felt it wasn’t right to go out and then I heard the little voice say “change your play date to another day” I did not listen to my intuition instead my ego and logical mind chimed in, ‘keep your commitment’. Well you live you learn! Let’s just say it didn’t end well!!!  The kids were emotional- exactly how I was feeling on the inside.

My point is even I, who help women to listen to their intuition sometimes ignore my own!!! We are human and it’s important we go easy on ourselves and give ourselves the love and sensitivity we give to our own children! I am currently writing my book called ‘Spiritual Mamas Alchemy’ and as I was writing it I was trying to be ‘perfect’ I had the words ‘You are so perfect beautiful Goddess in all your IMPERFECTIONS!’ come to me. Yes! My intention for you is that you go easy on yourself today, do 1 thing for you!  You are so beautiful and worth it! X

Written by Priscilla Bradshaw

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