I need to clear up some misunderstandings from my last blog. I had a few loving friends PM me after my latest blog, lovingly tell me “of course I am worthy!” And of course I know that too Logically! But this is not logic, this is a core belief that was imprinted into my subconscious when I was a child. Something happened (multiple things happened) in my life that in my little child like mind ‘Theta state’ I perceived as being not good enough and have held onto that belief my whole life!

Children start off in a brainwave state dominated by delta and then transition to dominant theta brainwaves. In other words they are little ‘downloading’ machines until approximately the age of 7- 9. To give you an idea of what theta state is, for an adult to get into this state they must meditate. Children brains are wired this way so they can quickly learn to walk, talk ect. The downside is they are taking in EVERYTHING as truths and have no way yet of discerning for themselves what are real truths or not. In other words, the first approximately 7 years of a child’s life are spent in a hypnotic trance!

“The Jesuits were aware of this programmable state and proudly boasted, “Give me the child until it is seven years old and I will give you the man.” They knew the child’s trance state facilitated a direct implanting of Church dogma into the subconscious mind. Once programmed, that information would inevitably influence 95 percent of that individual’s behaviour for the rest of his or her life.”            Bruce Lipton

As you can see we were programmed. The good news is, you can choose to change! Whatever has been programmed can be deprogrammed and reprogrammed.

I use various ways to find out what core beliefs you have and which ones are blocking you from moving forward in your life but my favourite is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT allows you to be emotionally free WITHOUT the old fashioned way of having to ‘talk’ about everything over and over, which I can tell you never helped me!! It allows you to not only find core beliefs but alchemise them! You clear them and even replace them with positive core beliefs that will enhance your life. Like “I am enough”, I am loveable, I am deserving of all the love, wealth, happiness, joy, health in the world (You can fill in the blank!)

You can choose another way, you don’t need to be a “victim’ to your subconscious programs, genetics or your surroundings. You have the power to choose, to live consciously, to make a decision! You can do it now! Choose to let life move through you not to you. Choose to see life as a beautiful co-creation. (I will talk about this further in another post)
Then you can live your life from the inside out- connecting to your spirit, your heart centre. Moving forward in your power, in your light, your divine source. Enjoy the feeling, the joy, happiness, love of life you deserve to feel!

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