If someone had told me just a few years a go I would be meditating everyday I would not have believed them! To be honest when I thought of meditation, Budist monks would come to mind! I thought I could never slow down my mind enough to have no thoughts and sit for hours on end in serenity. Then I found you don’t have to stop thinking, there is a ‘modern’ way of mediating and you can have results in 10 minutes!

At first I started with ‘guided’ meditations which opened up a whole new world for me. A world of ‘me’ , connecting to my ‘spirit’ again. It was wonderful. I picked up where I felt I left when I was a teenager and started to listen to my inner voice again, really listening and acting on it.

“Meditation gives you the opportunity to come to know your invisible self. It shatters the illusion of separateness.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

You can start today by sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing. You don’t need to stop the thoughts that come in but just let them fly by without attaching to them. Think of your mind as a TV screen, when the thought come up, just let them keep going by like a picture on the TV.  An example would be “This is so nice….(focusing on breath)…. I like focussing on my breathing…..oh the birds sound so sweet…(focus on breathing)….aah I need to do my washing…I better do it now before I forget….no you are meditating do it in 5 minutes!’ See how that one thought became a whole whirlwind of more thoughts? That is what I mean by attaching, attaching meaning and feeling.  That is why I find guided meditation so  beneficial.

After meditating for a little while, the voice between ‘ego’ and ‘inner voice’ become quite clear again, or maybe for the very first time for some. I am at a point now where I can mediate without thoughts creeping in, but that is after years now. I wish the same for you. It really is the key to knowing yourself, your ‘true’ self. You will never feel lost again.

Written by Priscilla Bradshaw

© 2016 Conscious Intuitive Living

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