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The Spiritual Mama's Alchemy; Tapping into you, tapping into LOVE!

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The greatest gift we can give our children is loving our life!

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About Priscilla

Priscilla Bradshaw is a proud homeschooling mama of 4, a spiritual teacher, transformational coach and author of the upcoming “The Spiritual Mama’s Alchemy’ book.


She is the creator of the signature mastermind program transforming lives called: ‘The Spiritual Mama’s Alchemy – Tapping into Love, Tapping into YOU!’ Helping women tap into the power of LOVE for transformation, clearing mindset blocks for greater Abundance and Ease. It is designed for mamas who want to be fiercely authentic and live in accordance with their truth. And “The Conscious Parenting Paradigm” program which she facilities with her partner Pat helping other conscious parents tune into the LAW of attraction and laws of success for greater joy, LOVE and prosperity.

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Dear Soul-Centered Mama,

Are you wanting to bring your visions into reality and step into your heart flow?

♥ Do you have old patterns that you are READY to bravely and compassionately transform?

Are you wanting the freedom that comes from finally shifting the self-limiting story of “not being good enough”? Or any other stories running your life subconsciously and holding you back from manifesting a life you want to live!

♥ Are you wanting to break through blocks holding you back and up level your life and biz?


♥ Are you searching for tools to transform your life?

 Are you wanting to find out how to apply Law of attraction in your life? Start Creating your life by design not be default!

Welcome, I’m thrilled to have you here! If you are on a journey of self-discovery, intuition, conscious living, transformation, and happiness— You’ve come to the right place! If you are ready to follow the path within and to let go of old beliefs that aren’t serving you; If you are ready to learn how to recognise your inner voice and lead a life of joy and clarity- You’ve come to the right place, so let’s make make your dreams a reality!

Are you ready to→

♥ Become more authentically you
♥ Bring your power back to yourself through emotional healing technique
♥ Tap into yourself and alchemise blocks that are holding back
♥ Consciously create an empowered life of purpose
♥ Invite the magic of unlocking the energy of your chakras
♥ Access your intuition and know your divine truth
♥ Connect with your higher self and be/do/have what you want- connecting to the abundance of the universe
♥ Connect to your inner self and then act on inspire action to create a life you love!

I am here to hold your hand as you create the life you dream of. I know it is possible to have this life,and I know in your core you know this too. I transformed my life and so can you!                                                                    We are a homeschooling family with 4 gorgeous boys and if someone would’ve told me I’d be doing this a couple of years ago I would’ve laughed! But I felt the ‘call’ and I KNOW I am walking the path of my highest good– and you can too!

If you’d like to take the next step with me, please click below to sign up and get a free meditation and small Ebook- 15 ways to a life you love below! This will mean you join our tribe and can stay in touch via email. You can also find out about me and my work by clicking here. You will also be able to check out our signature mastermind program : The Spiritual Mama’s Alchemy: Tapping into You- Tapping into love! There are lots more exciting projects in the works to help you on your journey of self discovery! There really is enough abundance in the world for everyone, It is your birth right!

We look forward to connecting with you and making your dreams a reality!!


Priscilla & Patrick xoxo

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Yes, I want to Create a life that I love!

“Cilla is bar none one of the best EFT healers and life/business transformational coaches I’ve met. Her compassion, and ability to dig deep down, identify where you’re stuck and empower you with tools to get clear, so you can finally experience peace in your household, and money in your bank account are nothing short of amazing. If you get the opportunity to work with Cilla, I’d recommend you dive in as soon as you can!”

Diane Boerstler

Mama of 4

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How to heal your body through your chakras

Each of the 7 chakras is like a portal in your energy field. They can be blocked, jagged, over active or underactive. If they are blocked or out of balance the energy can't flow freely which results in certain mental, physical & emotional issues. So how can you...
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How to access your feminine divine to have more money, love & flow in your life!

Hi gorgeous, So gorgeous if you’re ready to up level your life, tap into more MONEY, LOVE & FLOW in your life! To start listening to your intuition that’s been giving you those little signals that you’ve perhaps done your best until now to ignore, and you KNOW you...
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How to access your intuition and make the right decision EVERYTIME!

Hi gorgeous, This is a simple exercise, try it! X So gorgeous if you’re ready to tap back into that intuition that’s been giving you those little signals that you’ve perhaps done your best until now to ignore, and you KNOW you were put here for bigger things than the...
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I’m not perfect… And you don’t have to be either!

Hi gorgeous, JUST A TIP! Halfway through this video I talk about breath work bringing you back into your body. I take a deep breath in through my nose fill up my belly and let it go through my nose. I do this about 3 times and it will connect you to your spirit <3...
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[Video]How To Trust Your Intuition Without Getting Into A Mess Like This

Hi gorgeous, This is a follow on from my blog here, Which Intuitive Sense are you strongest in? So gorgeous if you’re ready to tap back into that intuition that’s been giving you those little signals that you’ve perhaps done your best until now to ignore, and you KNOW...
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Which Intuitive Sense are you strongest in?

Hi Gorgeous! Did you know your intution is available to you always, you just need to work out which sense your strongest in and then practice using it! I just did an amazing group meditation (online!), the energy was so strong I could feel it tingle up and down my...
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[VIDEO]This 1 simple tool will transform your relationship with your kids!

Hi gorgeous, This 1 simple tool will transform your relationship with your kids! Has your child ever said this to you? I would love to hear if you have had a similar experience. So if you're ready to listen to what your kids (or partner) keep showing you you need to...
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Reprogram your mind!

I need to clear up some misunderstandings from my last blog. I had a few loving friends PM me after my latest blog, lovingly tell me "of course I am worthy!" And of course I know that too Logically! But this is not logic, this is a core belief that was imprinted into...
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Perfectionism, Core beliefs and Intuition

I have had a shocking week with A LOT of core beliefs coming to the surface that I needed to release. One of them was "I am not worthy" What a shock, when I realised I started crying- I saw images of different times of my life where I've taken that into my belief...
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So you think you can’t meditate?

If someone had told me just a few years a go I would be meditating everyday I would not have believed them! To be honest when I thought of meditation, Budist monks would come to mind! I thought I could never slow down my mind enough to have no thoughts and sit for...
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