“Cilla is bar none one of the best EFT healers and life/business transformational coaches I’ve met. Her compassion, and ability to dig deep down, identify where you’re stuck and empower you with tools to get clear, so you can finally experience peace in your household, and money in your bank account are nothing short of amazing. If you get the opportunity to work with Cilla, I’d recommend you dive in as soon as you can!”

Diane Boerstler

Mama of 4

[VIDEO] Testimonial by beautiful Kirralee Mama of 5

Priscilla is just amazing! She has been helping me work through some very hard times in my life to gain more confidence again in myself and my business, it has changed my life and helped me to bring more of myself back in alignment for my purpose. Since working with her I started my biz again and received my first 3 clients. I am excited to continue my sessions with her. I highly recommend working with Priscilla!

Kasey Whitehead

Mother of 4

I had a session with Priscilla and the outcome for me was much more significant than I had expected. The beautiful healing and visualisation techniques were none like anything I had experiences and assisted me in both my immedient present and the next week or so. I know just the one hour session had such a powerful impact because over the next few days I went through a transition where I felt my body was literally purging all my bad experiences which at the time was not pleasant but I had finally started to release a lot of trauma that had been stored for a long time and that’s thanks to Priscilla. My anxiety and fear for the future especially in regards to my impending birth of my son went from about a 7 to about a 2. I felt completely calm and at ease afterward. Priscilla is a professional, compassionate and calm individual who will always understand you from a perception no one else can. She uses both her intuition and beautiful healing energy to both restore and re-energise you. You will literally become like a butterfly out of a cocoon.

Emily Perry

Infinite Love and Mama of baby on the way

“I just wanted to share in this space the immense gratitude I have for my powerful healing session and reading recently with Cilla. So much beautiful release and clearing has taken place, as well as many magical things manifesting rapidly… Most miraculously I’ve started painting again for the first time in years – for the pure joy of it, which is so healing in itself! I would encourage anyone feeling that sense of longing for release, healing or guidance to just open your heart and follow that call. Cilla has a beautiful gift to share.”

Lara Jane Stewart

Mama of baby girl & Singer Songwriter

“I have had pain in my foot for over a decade since a car accident I was in. Priscilla was able to get to the core of the issue pretty quickly. And I could not believe the pain I experienced for over a decade was actually GONE. I would highly recommend her, she has transformed my life!’


Mama of 1

“Receiving healing from Priscilla was an amazing experience. I felt so much during our session. It was incredible! Lots of energy buzzing in my body…intense, powerful and uplifting. She picked up on things about me I’d never spoken about with her which was really amazing! Priscilla made me feel really comforted and supported afterwards. I feel my healing session with Priscilla helped bring about some very synchronistic events and major shifts in my life. Priscilla is a deeply connected and intuitive woman. Highly recommend her services!”


Mandala Soul Designs

“WOW ~ my session with Cilla was amazing!!! She was so connected with my spiritual being. She was able to inform me of everything I needed. I absolutely would recommend her! Love xxx”

Sarah Aquilina

Mama of 4 boys

“I had a session with Cilla yesterday.
First I listened to her recorded meditation, as required immediately prior to the session, and I could feel her love and excitement for her work coming through her words.
She’s a natural at leading guided meditations and definitely has a gift for intuitive healing.
Once the reiki began I felt a warm sense of connection and deep peace through my body with tingling in my shins and feet.
I’ve been doing a lot of healing and chakra balancing recently, and Cilla could feel that I was quite “clear”, although my throat chakra and sacral chakra was a bit blocked, so Cilla cleared and transmuted these.
Interestingly enough, I am booked into a Throat Chakra Consciousness Yoga workshop soon, which I was intuitively drawn to , so I am grateful for this, and for Cillas work, as clearly my throat chakra is in need of some loving attention right now.”

Erica Being

Mama of 3 boys

One of my friends recommended I contact Priscilla after feeling highly strung and blocked, I knew I needed
some help and guidance, I have been feeling for the last few months that I am on a
journey of spiritual awakening. My 1on1 with Priscilla was extremely informative,
and she really received some very accurate messages for me, things that I had been
feeling myself. I am looking forward to becoming more connected with my spirit
guides and becoming a healer. Walking in the path of what my greater purpose actually is; with the help
and guidance of Priscilla.
Thanks again and I’m looking forward to our next 1on 1 session together!

Lyndal Bryan

Hairdresser and Mama of 2, Hair on the Move 2 u, www.haironthemove2u.com.au

“Big thank-you to Cilla for my reiki healing today.. I’m still a little shocked at how effective it was and soooo quickly! Highly recommended. 🙂 xoxox”

Amy Castle

“Priscilla is an extremely powerful spiritual being… She has a strong sense of justice for both humans and the world around her with an almost over whelming love that envelopes you as soon as you connect with her energy. I personally have had both a reading and a healing from Cilla and although it was long distance Cilla was able to realign chakras and I could feel her working on me despite being on the other side of Australia. It gave me chills afterwards meditating on what I had just experienced. Cilla has compassion and empathy as well as being professional. She knew exactly what I needed.”
“I cannot rave enough about how wonderful this lady is. I have never met anyone quite like her. She is honestly someone incredibly unique and naturally gifted. She will go very far with her gifts… Wow just wow!”

Emily Perry

Mama of baby on the way!, Infinite Love and Psychic Medium