Hi Gorgeous!

Did you know your intution is available to you always, you just need to work out which sense your strongest in and then practice using it!

I just did an amazing group meditation (online!), the energy was so strong I could feel it tingle up and down my body like a wave. It was truly beautiful.

I connected to ‘starseed’ energy which is energy I have just learned about through my own dreams, and it was amazing light energy.
So within this guided meditation we asked for to be shown our next steps and I was shown an image of someone to reach out to.

Instead of maybe overthinking this in the past, questioning it, doubting it.
This time I completely trusted my intuition and as you do this more and more it gets stronger, and you have less doubts and more FAITH even if your logical brain can’t make sense of it.

So now I am basking in the glory of folowing my inituition, it feels so good!

This is available to us all, it is not for a ‘select’ few people, it is PART of our senses. That is why there are 5 different ways to sense your intution.

The clairs correspond with the five senses
Clairvoyant(seeing), claoraudient(hearing) clairsentience (feeling), clairalience(smelling) Clairgustance (taste) and claircognizance (knowing)
Here’s how you can tell what you’re strongest in. Take a deep breath and notice what you remember most about a memory/ scene or just what you notice in the moment….

Clairvoyant- Do you tend to remember things in images? Have vivid dreams?
This is when visions past, present and future flash through our mind’s eye, or third eye, much like a daydream.

Clairaudient- Do you ever hear words, sounds or music in your own mind’s voice? Although on rare occasions, audible sound can be heard by your ears.(and no you are not crazy! )

Clairsentience- Do you ever have ‘gut’ feelings or feel ‘chills’? This also entails feeling a person’s or spirit’s emotions or feeling another’s physical pain.

Clairalience- This is being able to smell odors that don’t have any kind of physical source. Like you smell your grandmothers perfume and no one is around.

Clairgustance- Do you ever suddenly get a a taste in your mouth that has no physical source? But you are reminded of an old memory or person?

Claircognizance- Do you ever just ‘know’ something? It requires tremendous faith because there’s often no practical explanation for why we suddenly just “know”. It is often of people or events we have no knowledge about.

Do you know what your strongest in? I would love to hear about it!
My strongest are Clairvoyant(seeing), claoraudient(hearing) clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing)

Although I have experienced all of them at some stage and I am sure you have too!
Connecting in with your intuition is so vital as mamas and biz owners! Especially when your energy is inspired and aligned when making decisions.

If you would love to feel the amazing feeling of connecting in with your inner guidence and alignment once more and get super clear on when it is your logical ego brain or your intuition guiding you then I would love for you to reach out via a PM.

I have 2 spots opening in my Spiritual Mamas Alchemy; Tapping into you Tapping into love program and I would love for you to be a part of it!

Love Priscilla xoxo

I also have a beautiful mediation that I chanelled for free on my website

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